Croissant Crave

We think these are the best 6 cafes to get your pastries fix. Not all may be artisanal bakeries but are worth the try. PS: Addictive Content, read at your own risk.

1. Bread Createur


A Humble Cafe along Upper Bukit Timah serving Quality Artisanal Pastries.


This small cafe offers a wide variety of freshly baked goods prepped with quality ingredients.

Our co-founder is a frequent patron of this cafe, expressing that their mouth-watering bakes are fresher and of higher quality than other more renown brands. He would recommend either the plain or almond Croissant – describing it as buttery goodness.


An example of their Croissants making in progress.


Before & After

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2. Paris Baguette


A well established Korean cafe, popular among all demographics.

Photo Cr: Miss Tham Chiak

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Others can continue reading if interested 🙂

This cafe giant, landed in Singapore in 2012 serving up one of the best bakes, desserts and soups.

These are the checklist of items to purchase:

  1. Pastries & Breads

2. Seafood Chowder Cup


3. Royal Pudding


Once you’ve ticked all these boxes, you can safely say that you have tried Paris Baguette.

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3. Maison Kayser


Started by Master Baker, Eric Kayser this Japanese-Parisian Bakery, created a croissant which was named the best by Paris’s Figaro Newspaper.

What makes their bakes so special? It’s all in the ingredients – selected flours, natural leaven, fermentation and freshly baked from their in-house ovens.

Save some space for the sweet stuff too!


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4. Lunar Coffee Brewers


A concept by the renowned Atlas Coffeehouse, Lunar Coffee Brewers does not disappoint, serving up fantastic coffee, delectable pastries and experimental rice bowls.

Understated but worth the try, their Butter Croissant.


A unique twist to a donburi, the Beef Rendang Don.


The recommended drink here is the Milky Way, a white cold brew that comes in a bottle.

This cafe is perpetually packed on both weekdays and weekends. If you would like to try their food, order online now. 

5. Tiong Bahru Bakery


Tiong Bahru Bakery is opened in collaboration with celebrity baker, Gontran Cherrier. It started with much fanfare in the now-hip Tiong Bahru neighbourhood.


The Tiong Bahru Bakery’s Croissant gains lots of attention, going to the level of people calling it the best croissant in Singapore, while others refute. Try it to judge for yourselves.

Another showstopper is the Kouign Amann, a Breton cake similar to a puff pastry with loads of butter, sugar and caramel. A total carb load but trust me you must try this.


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6. Keong Saik Bakery


Old meets New, with a twist to keep traditions alive.


Keong Saik Bakery is a fairly new bakery serving up breads, pastries and cakes. They create a unique taste by combining traditional and contemporary flavours. With the likes of Attap Chee Rose Cheesecake and Black Glutinous Rice with Chicken Floss Bun. These guys are rather creative.

But their signature is the ‘Sor Hei’. A Black and White Danish Pastry which has chocolate chips within the multiple layers of pastry. This is a reminder of a chocolate croissant and it was just as good.


Another best seller is their Chendol Delight, probably a favourite for them locals, with its rich and silky coconut custard with red bean, attap chee and topping that with pandan jelly.

If you do intend to order from them, do try the Gula Jawa Sticky Rice and Black Glutinous Rice with Chicken Floss bun.They are now offering 10% off all orders on online orders. 


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