Creamy Goodness

Singaporeans do love their desserts and ice cream is seen to be one of Singaporean’s favourite “Happy Food”.

In this hot, humid island, many craze over their favourite cooling sweets to quench the heat. Hence, the increasing trend of ice cream brands opening in Singapore. We have brought you 6 ice cream shops which deliver straight to your door step. Now, you can enjoy your favourite tub, on your comfy couch, watching your favourite show on the tele.

1. Udders

Dawned in 2007, a former educator, David Yim started his first Udders store at United Square, now expanded across the island with 5 outlets. A pioneer of its kind, creating high-quality artisanal ice cream locally.


Udders started out specialising in alcohol-infused ice cream flavours like Amaretto and Rum Rum Raisin. If one had ordered 3 scoops of the alcoholic ones, it equalled to a can of beer This was seen to be a hit among the youngsters and the working class.

Another speciality is their infamous Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream. Yes, they use real Mao Shan Wang durians to create this ice cream. Its rich flavours have lured durian lovers to flock to Udders.


Having been to the Novena outlet, there is always a snaking queue to get your fix. Not to worry, get your fix delivered to your doorstep.

2. Three’s a crowd


Two’s company, three’s a crowd, an old saying to ward off the third wheelers. But I guess this quaint cafe tucked away in Tampines, is popular not only amongst the Easties but ‘couples’.

Besides ice creams, they also serve up delicious cakes. For those who love a twist on the traditional carrot cake will have to give the Salted Caramel Carrot Cake a try. The hints of saltiness compliment perfectly with the soft carrot cake. 


Renowned for their handcrafted ice creams, milkshakes and cakes. A must try is the Kris Grey – their rendition of Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream. Another favourite is the double chocolate.


Instead of hopping into your car/bus/train/cab, check them out online. They are currently offering 10% off when you signup and free islandwide delivery with a minimum order of $60!

3. Callery’s Ice Cream



With the current health craze, Callery’s offer ice creams with reduced calories. According to Seth Lui, “This low-calorie ice cream tastes just as good as regular ice cream”

It all started when 3 NUS graduates were trying to find guilt-free ice cream but could not find one. Hence, deciding to create their own. After 1.5 years and 6 figure sum spent, they finally created what they were finding.


Photo Cr: Vulcan Post

Their slogan: Maximum Happiness, Minus the Guilt. Just for reference, a serving of their Vanilla ice cream would only cost you 59 calories. Meaning you are saving around 260-300 calories per serving. How they do it is through a plant-derived sweetener called erythritol, which tastes like sugar negating the calories. Callery Ice Cream is also safe for diabetics and Halal-Certified!

Taste it for yourselves, purchase a tub of your own. If you purchase 3 tubs and above, they will shave off $12 delivery fees! Get delivery free for orders above 6 tubs! Enjoy now without the guilt!

4. Salted Caramel


When the thought of dessert comes to mind, Salted Caramel would definitely be in the top 5 places to go.

Residing on the stretch of shophouses known for supper eats along Upper Thomson Road, this joint is swamped with customers every day. They differentiate themselves from other ice cream joints as not using any artificial enhancers & preservatives when handcrafting the ice creams.


Photo Cr: SethLui

As the name suggests, we would recommend the Salted Caramel flavour. For a more local touch, I’d suggest either the Milo Crunch or Horlicks.


Great news! They deliver islandwide too! Spend $80, to get free delivery.

5. Baskin Robbins



Photo Cr: Baskin Robbins

Started in late 1945, this ice cream chain is now the biggest in the world. Spanning over 5000 stores globally, they are the pioneers and experts in this field, having experimented with over 1000 flavours over time.

This chain landed on the islands of Singapore in 2011, celebrating its 4000th international location in Novena Square.

Known for their unique flavours and designer ice cream cakes, you can now order your favourite flavours by clicking the link below. Free delivery when you spend above $150.

6. Kindred Folk



Photo Cr: Daniels Food Diary

When the name King Albert Park comes to mind, it brings back many memories of student life. After McDonald’s moved out, the space was revamped allowing for new F&Bs to enter. Now, home to Kindred Folk, a space popular amongst students.

This cafe offers a range of intricate hot foods and desserts.

They have a range of ice cream flavours to choose from, varying from fruity Watermelon-Calamansi Sorbet to Roast Rice Milk Teat to Wasabi and even a vegan variant of Sea-Salt Gula Coconut which surprisingly is my favourite.


Photo Cr: SethLui

Another great pairing is their Roasted Rice Milk Tea & Matcha Gao served with their Charcoal Waffles. :p Seth Lui recommends it too!

Their menu expands to mains such as the Tom Yum Aglio Olio, which is an interesting rendition to the ordinary, a must try!


Photo Cr: SethLui

These guys have a huge menu, one that you can explore online.

7. Annette Tuk Tuk



A rather interesting concept we have here, throw out the traditional ice cream on a cone/cup. Anette Ice Cream’s goal is to create the world’s best bespoke and artisanal ice cream on a stick. Inspired by the street food and night markets of Thailand, they have created ice cream made with fresh and natural ingredients, all handmade from their central kitchen in Thailand.

Their creations are quite interesting. Get your heat quenchers today!


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