Fried Chicken Fix

6 Places that deliver your fried chicken fix island-wide

Amidst the growing movement of healthy eating here, there’s no mistaking the increasing number of Fried Chicken brands opening and expanding across the island. Undoubtedly, the Fried Chicken craze is heating up more than ever here. That being said, if you have always wanted to try a different brand but have been either too lazy to make the trip down or just beyond reach of the food delivery apps, fret not, for there are brands that take advanced orders online and deliver right to your doorstep wherever you are!

1. Arnold’s Fried Chicken



What started out as a small corner eatery in City Plaza, the first halal certified fast-food restaurant has gained immense popularity, as evident in their expansion to five outlets at present. Their menu has also expanded to include a pretty legit chicken rice. A five person combo meal is also available for that mini party you’ve always been intending to host.

2. DM Chicken



Photo Cr: Hungry Go Where

Where most places sell their chicken by the numbers, DM chicken goes by the length of chicken, yes length. In addition to the fried chicken, their specialty DM Chicken comes in platters measuring 50cm, 75cm, and 100cm, perfect for groups to share over the EPL weekend. Cubes of diced chicken mixed with carrots, potatoes, and tteokbokki all slathered in their homemade sauce culminate in a delightful aromatic mix.

3. Hot Star Chicken



The distinctive blue logo plastered with the prominent words ‘Large Fried Chicken’ is unmistakable from far. Originating from the Shilin Night Market of Taiwan, the fried chicken kiosk has made its way to Singapore and expanded to five outlets. If you like to tailor the level of spice or even choose other spice flavours, their online menu similarly provides the full range of flavours and spice level for you to choose from! The menu now also includes bento sets for those who deem their XL sized chicken insufficient.

4. Oporto



Photo Cr: Daniel’s Food Diary

Bending the rules a little (on the fried chicken definition) is the relatively new kid on the block – Oporto – famous for its Portugese-spiced flame grilled chicken, Australian origin Bondi burger and its ‘legendary’ chilli sauce (to be fair they do serve fried chicken ala popcorn style). The Singapore franchise first opened in 2018 fronting Holland Piazza (formerly Holland Road Shopping Mall). Wherever you are, feast yourself on their exclusive selection of sharing platters for online orders, and you get to purchase their individual sauces too!

5. Jinjja Chicken



With a recipe plucked from the streets of Korea, Jinjja Chicken has established itself in the local arena with its delightful food, loud interior and K-pop music in the background. Hosting a fried chicken party? Jinjja has their Big Bang (4-6 pax) and Bigger Bang (8-10 Pax) sets, and also an online exclusive Wings/Drumstick Party Sets (a whopping 50 pieces for only $49.90!). Blast your own selection of K-Pop music and you have your very own Jinjja Chicken experience at the comforts of your home!


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