Plan a Father’s Day Feast That’s Maximum Effect With Minimum Effort

This Father’s Day, if you’re planning on treating daddy dearest — to show your gratitude or cover up your guilt for not doing anything more extra (we’re not judging, food is a very powerful bonding agent) — but don’t know where to begin, fear not.

This cheat sheet will help you plan the perfect feast that will have your father leaving the table stuffed, content and on his way to dad bod status. We know we cannot compete with free McDonald’s breakfast for Father’s Day, but we certainly think dad deserves far better than fast food.

All restaurants deliver islandwide, so leave the cooking and delivery to the pros while you take care of other business like decorating the home, making a playlist of his favourite oldies and just being the best kid he could ever ask for!

Meat Your Maker

For dads who love meat

Monsters in the bomb shelter? Football stuck in a tree? Boyfriend or girlfriend make you cry? Car tire punctured in the middle of the night on your way back from Simpang Bedok? Dad to the rescue! When in doubt, always bet on a big chunk of marbled red meat, or juicy lamb chops and roasted chicken. A meaty chunk, for our number one hunk. Order hearty meat dishes from these restaurants:


The Caveman BBQ

Ready, Set, GRILL

Hai Di Lao

Skip the Insane Queues



Germans Know Their Meat

Un-dada Sea

For dads who love seafood

Does your dad love to take the family to seafood restaurants on weekends? Is he always front and centre at the aquariums pointing at which fish and prawns will be sacrificed for dinner? Can he tell a grouper from a Marble Goby (Soon Hock) without batting an eyelid? Does he give you the best parts of the steamed fish like the cheeks and the belly, while insisting that he loves eating the fish eyeball? Your dad is a seafood saint. Order from these great seafood restaurants:


Cajun on Wheels

Bucket O’Seafood


Pince & Pints

Lavish in Lobster Luxury


The Boiler

Southern-style Seafood

Father Earth

For dads who love their veggies

Your dad warns you that eating too much meat will cause gout and shortened life expectancy. He insists on eating vegetarian at least once a week. His perfect idea of Sunday brunch is a steaming hot thali with a kaleidoscope of vegetable side dishes. Dad’s right about the virtues of eating more vegetables. It’s good for health and Mother Earth too. Order from these plant-forward restaurants:


Fields by Whole Earth

Michelin Guide Approved


The Lawn

Fresh Greens & Grains



Plant-based Delights

Sugar Daddy

For dads who love dessert

Growing up, whenever your candy went missing, you’d be forgiven for mistakenly accusing your clueless sibling for stealing your sweets. Little did you know, it was your sweet-toothed dad who was secretly sneaking sweets for his own ill-gained enjoyment. You’re grown up now, it’s time he got his just desserts. No, we don’t mean plotting revenge. We mean treat him to sweet baked goods:



Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Bloomsbury Bakers

Heavenly Baked Goods

Elijah Pies

In Elijah We Crust

No matter the appetite, what unites dads are their bottomless care, patience, guidance, sage wisdom and love for family. Let him know his love and sacrifice is appreciated with a sumptuous meal in the comfort of your home, and treat dad like it’s Father’s Day every day.

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