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As with every Ramadan, the demand for advanced food orders spike as fellow Muslims demand their breaking fast meal at fixed hours. If you want to broaden your halal food delivery options, look no further than Feastbump where you’ll find several halal establishments that accept advanced orders for island-wide delivery! We have picked 5 restaurants that together serve a diverse array of halal food to keep you spoilt for choice.

1. Pu3 Restaurant


First up on the list is a restaurant known for its Nasi Ambeng, Pu3 Restaurant serves their Nasi Ambeng with up to 10 side dishes that include Sambal Belachan and Ikan Bilis to spice your meal up. 2/4 pax platters are available to suit groups of all sizes. For the individuals riding out Ramadan on your own, consider their solo Ambengs or the Nasi Rawan which includes tetelan – delicious beef meat off the bone


Photo Cr: Miss Tam Chiak

2. Rasa Istimewa


Pamper yourselves by taking apart whole crabs cooked live, look no further than Rasa Istimewa, where 7 different wholesome flavours are available. The signatures retain the traditional Chilli Crab and Black Pepper flavours, while those with an adventurous appetite can opt for the Milky Cheese and Salted Egg crabs (one simply can’t have enough of salted egg these days)! Those looking for individual meals can choose from Fried Rice or Hong Kong Styled Noodles from which you can choose your preferred noodle type as well. Get a discounted delivery price of $10 with a $100 spend! 


Photo Cr: Miss Tam Chiak

3. Segar Village


For the Muslim Tze Char lovers, Segar Village offers a full range of dishes that do not fall anywhere shy of the typical offerings in other establishments. Rice Bento Sets cater to those who want to eat tidily without fuss; their set menu offerings provide customers with full flexibility of each dish within its category –the seafood dish, for example, choose from sotong, prawns, squid, and fish slices!


The best part is that you get FREE Delivery island-wide with a spend of $120, so wait no further, gather your kakis and order Segar Village online!

4. Ayam Penyet President


You can’t talk halal without mentioning Ayam Penyet, and Ayam Penyet President serves plentiful of it in delicious abounds. The smashed fried chicken originating from Indonesia, mixed with the yellow fragrant rice is simply not to be missed. Had enough of the fried chicken and yearning for a healthier variety?


Clear broth soups with ingredients ranging from Oxtail to beef balls, there is a variety of options available for all taste buds! Order right away!

5. Jamil Sate Classic


Delicious satay meat? Check. MSG and preservative free? Check. Platter for group sharing? Check. Jamil Sate Classic offers sate (or satay as Singaporeans know it) meat that is pan grilled with olive oil to make it tasty yet easy on your health conscience, that is if you have one. The Ultimate Sate Platter comprises a mouthwatering 4 flavours: Chicken, Beef, Beef Tripe, and Mutton with the accompanying gravy and rice cakes for $54, serving 7-8 pax.


Those who wish to self bbq can opt for raw sate meat; bear in mind though the raw sates require one week advanced orders and is unavailable during fasting month. Desserts in the form of Mini Eclairs and Cream Puffs add that complementary touch to your meal!

Jamil Sate has been around since 1964 and immensely popular. They only accept advanced orders, typically 3 days in advance (a week for raw sate). Expect a longer advance period during the peak Ramadan season, so make sure you place your orders early!

6. EPIKebabs


Photo Cr: Ivan Teh

Craving kebabs? Look no further. EPIKebabs serves up juicy delicious kebabs without hurting the wallet. Since 2012, the owners have been crazy about kebabs, with a mission to dish out proper, simple fuss-free yet scrumptious kebabs.


Get your kebab fix here, delivered straight to you. Also, they are offering 30% OFF with a $40 min order.


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