Meat the Impossible!


Ever heard of IMPOSSIBLE meats? California based company, IMPOSSIBLE FOODS has introduced a plant-based meat alternative which tastes exactly like meat. Shocking? The essential ingredient is heme, a molecule found in meat responsible for the meaty taste and smell. This company is able to produce heme from soy roots! Looks like plant-based meats are the future of food.

Since its launch in March, restaurants in Singapore have been experimenting with this new super ingredient. We have listed 3 restaurants on FeastBump which offer IMPOSSIBLE meat on their menus. We will update this list regularly when more restaurants introduce this meatless alternative.

1. Park Bench Deli


Photo CR: Buro247

This gourmet sandwich shop hands-down has some of the best sandwiches in Singapore. Now, they are offering their famous patty melt with the Impossible patty. 100% meat free! It tastes just like the original patty melt, topped with caramelised onions, sauce and pickles. Get them delivered right to your doorstep.

2. PS Cafe.


One of Singapore’s most popular chill-out spots is currently serving Impossible Burgers and wraps! Do check them out.

3. VeganBurg


The one place where vegans can get their meatless burger fixes in Singapore. Founded in 2010, they are the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint which kickstarted the meat-free revolution. Now, they too are serving Impossible Meats in their burgers.

4. Fatburger


The American burger chain, Fatburger has made its way down from Hollywood to Singapore. Having produced juicy burgers for almost 70 years, this brand is well-known for its buns amongst the general populace and celebrities.

Fatburger has always been known for its affordability and amazing burgers. With all the hype around impossible meats, Fatburger leapt ahead and now offering a fully customisable Impossible Burger. Priced at an impossible price of only $10.90! Cheapest in town.

Choose from endless variations and customise your very own Fatburger Impossible Burger now online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep at a superb price! For those ordering for the first time, get a $10 off your first order with a minimum spend of $150. Get them buns here.

We will update this article regularly, do remember to come back to check out new places to try the IMPOSSIBLE. If you would like to know more about the IMPOSSIBLE meat, click on the video below:


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