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With the threat of global warming becoming more real, many have adjusted their lifestyles to control the degradation of our planet. Many turn to plant-based diets to help this cause and lead a healthier lifestyle. Some may think that plant-based diets are bland or unappetising however, these 6 great vegetarian and vegan places we have suggested will change your mind.

1. Fields by Whole Earth

If you had any doubts plant-based foods can’t be tasty, Fields by Whole Earth is on a mission to prove you wrong. For 3 consecutive years, they have won Michelin Bib Gourmand awards. All meals are packed in a fuss-free bento box. Flavour profiles range from Thai to Peranakan, and expect your favourite sweet and sour dishes, Rendang, Chap Chye and more! Fields by Whole Earth lets you play your part in saving Mother Earth by opting away from disposable cutlery! They are celebrating their 15th anniversary with a 15% promo! Use ‘HAPPY15’ to apply.


2. Vegan Burg

Although veganism is becoming more popular, our island still lacks many good vegan places. VeganBurg is one place where you can get your meatless burgers fix. Founded in 2010, it is the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint which kickstarted world change! This is the future of fast food! Their burgers feature local flavours like chilli crab and satay, giving a nod to Singapore’s favourite dishes.


Get your meatless burgers now. Now, also offering Impossible Burger patties, however only available in-store. They deliver islandwide, and get your very own VeganBurg tee at 20% discount.

3. Thunderbolt Tea



Do not underestimate this hawker stall for they serve up an absolutely delicious Hakka Lui Cha aka Thunderbolt Tea Rice. The blend of cabbage, leeks, long beans, chye poh, dried shrimp and garlic together conjure a magical vegetarian concoction. Mix in the Thunder Tea Paste which holds a sweet, nutty taste and you have a winner. 510 calories all in, so it’s easy on your body. Get free delivery with $80 spent!

4. Greendot


Scouting for a meat-free meal? Look no further than Greendot for affordable and healthy meals. The founders have been meat-free for over a decade and they now want to share their healthy and tasty meat-free delights with you.


Photo Cr: Ladyironchef



Greendot offers a variety of dishes from local vegan Laksa to Burgers and Bento Sets. Order from their online shop to avour these meals from the comfort of your own home.

5. New Fut Kai Vegetarian


Vegetarian food need not be bland, lack-lustre or unhealthy

That is New Fut Kai Vegetarian restaurant’s motto. Offering vegetarian Chinese food with a large variety of savoury plates. They serve both traditional and modern fusion dishes. Vegan items are also available. This restaurant has been able to recreate some iconic local dishes such as fish curry, sambal grilled fish and curry chicken, making them vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

If you are craving local cuisine but would like a twist, do check out this vegetarian restaurant, they offer deliveries islandwide and pickups. You may order here.

6. nomVnom

A simple selection of burgers and pasta that are tasty and fulfill the all-so-important vegan requirement. In line with their motto to provide innovative, appealing food, their Linguines are offered in varying tastes, from Balsamic, to Spinach and Healthy Red so it never gets boring. Those with a beastly appetite can try out the Lion Sky Tower, a towering (pun intended) 3 bun, double-mushroom patty burger balanced with lettuce, tomatoes, and rocket salads! A variety of sides and soups serve to complement your healthy, tasty meal. Spend $100 for free delivery island-wide!




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