Mother’s Day 2019

With Mother’s Day looming just around the corner, many mom’s pride and joy might still be clueless about what to order to celebrate this special day! After all, this person might be the most important person in your life. Not to fret, we have curated a special list just for you to surprise this most-valuable person (MVP) with cake and flowers!

1. Nesuto Patisserie



Looking around for a perfect Mother’s Day surprise? Look no further.

Nesuto was founded by former Capella pastry chef, Alicia Wong. By combining French & Japanese techniques, she created one of the most decadent inspiration for desserts in Singapore.

Her store serves up a range of cakes to pastries. The Yuzu Raspberry Cake is their signature. The Japanese sponge makes it very light and fluffy with compliments of yuzu and raspberry tastes. Indeed a must try at a reasonable price.


They are currently offering a Raspberry Rose Citrus Cake for Mother’s Day. There is a choice of two. One just a standalone cake and another in a beautiful floral box, which is a tasteful addition to celebrate this special day for this special woman. Get it now!

2. Lana Cakes



Baked and frosted by hand

Mrs Violet Kwan

This will definitely bring back a walk down memory lane.

“Baked and frosted by hand” That is the motto which Mrs Violet Kwan stuck with since her opening in 1964. Till today, the family ran business offers the same old-school chocolate cake enjoyed through generations and is considered to part of Singapore’s history.

For those who do not know, Lana Cakes are offering islandwide deliveries!

3. Bloomsbury Bakery



Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake

Started out by 2 local pastry chefs from Le Cordon Bleu, their love for local desserts aspired them to start out this bakery, serving up modern bakes with a local twist.

Right off the bat, the two cakes which stands out the most are the Orh Nee and Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake. I am sure Mum will enjoy these cakes, bringing back memories of her youth. Making her feel young again 🙂


On top of that, for Mother’s Day, Bloomsbury Bakers are preparing a Strawberry Elderflower Cake. A Pistachio Genoise Sponge infused with Elderflower Mousses and topped with Fresh Strawberries.

These bakers have a large menu to choose from, ranging from local to western flavours. Check them out now! Surprise your mother with the floral bundle.

4. Wondertales



A hole in the wall concept opened in 2018 by Sunrise Global-Chef Academy graduates, Deana and Hanif. This concept specialises in artisanal pastries and mirror glazed mousse cakes. It is rare to find this kind of quality and speciality which are halal certified today.

For Mother’s Day, you might want to try the Bandung Cake, inspired by a local Rose Syrup drink. This cake has a sweet-scented vanilla sponge with a silky smooth evaporated milk pudding, infused with a rose syrup Pannacotta. Topped off with a white chocolate Rose. An absolute delight, a bite is all it takes to tempt you for another slice.


Wondertales Patisserie’s concept is tailored to takeaways, collections and deliveries as seating tables are limited. So, go ahead, order today.

5. Simple Indulgence Patisserie



Does your mom like fruity flavours?

Christine, a banker turned Cordon Bleu Chef, started out as a home-bake who soon outgrew her home kitchen space. Soon after, she started a professional kitchen where she spent time experimenting with flavours only from fresh, real ingredients.

Her experimenting birthed her signature, Yuzu Passion Chiffon Cake and Matcha Azuki Chiffon. They have recently just launched a new flavour, Chocolate Orange Chiffon.

Check out her online store to try these tasty and natural cakes.

6. Ciel Patisserie



After graduating from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Chara set up this little patisserie offering fine desserts, pastries and cakes with French influence. What differentiates Ciel Patisserie is the value for the quality of her bakes. Tartes start from $4.80 and Cakes from $34. Great value I must say.

The best seller is the Strawberry Shortcake, a must try! Mom will really like this!

Do check their menu online, have it either delivered to your doorstep or order in advance, self collect and skip the queue.


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