Tasty School Holiday Ideas That Kids (and Adults) Will Love

School holidays are in session! If you’re not going anywhere with the kids this time because it’s too hectic at work, or it’s not in your budget, don’t despair. We have some tasty ideas for wholesome family fun that is a great alternative to travelling!

These restaurants deliver islandwide. Leave the cooking and delivery to the pros, while you focus on planning a fun time for your children and family.

DIY Food Party

The only homework you’ll be giving the kids is making their own food. Popiah legends, Ann Chin Popiah sell a fun roll-it-yourself Popiah Kit. Red Lips Kueh Pie Tee sell ready made crispy pie tee cups that can be filled with more than the traditional pie tee fillings! Order here:


Ann Chin Popiah

Rock & Roll


Red Lips Kueh Pie Tee

Cup Runneth Over

Fantasy Themed Party

There’s nothing quite like the magic of children’s’ imagination! Host a theme party for the kids that will involve dress-up and decorating the house. Transport them to magical faraway lands that you can’t fly to from Changi! These whimsical bakeries will have the customisable sweet treats to make the party extra special. Order here:


Butter Studio

Bespoke Tall Cakes

Paisley And Cream

Customisable Cakes

Movie Sleepover Party

Have your kids’ friends over for a night of pizza, pyjamas and play. Build a blanket fort. Pop the corn. Get cozy and have a blast. For food, nothing screams “MOVIE AND SLEEPOVER” more than pizza night! Order here:


Extra Virgin Pizza

Creative Pies


Pizza Face

Stuff Your Face

Durian Dare Party

Now here’s a bold (flavoured) idea. Durian is an acquired taste. So why not start ’em off young! With durians priced unusually low in the market these days, this is a cheap and cheery way to keep the kids entertained. After all, kids love a bit of stinky fun, so why not? Order here:


Durian Kaki

Durian & More

Double Durian

Durian Desserts

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